Hybrid Vehicle Training

Hybrid Vehicle Training is a must do for any Workshop/Repairer of vehicles.

Hybrid vehicle sales are on the up and the Independent Garage needs to be able to stay competing with the main agent.

Or risk losing out on business in the future through not having the necessary skills to be able to repair this technology.

And forcing their customer who has been with them for many years back to the Main Dealer.

Some people think it is too soon to worry about investing in Hybrid Vehicle Training as there are not enough of these vehicles on our roads.

The Government has now said that they will change the law so after 2040 all new vehicles registered will have to be of Hybrid or Electric variety.

No Fully Petrol or Diesel driven.

Some people have taken the assumption that Petrol and Diesel will then not be available!

Because the press have described it as Petrol and Diesel vehicles will no longer be available.

They mean that the vehicle would have to at least share Petrol/Electric to reduce emissions or be full electric if the customer prefers to go down this route.

Opportunity for the Independents!

The Local Independent garage may say this won’t effect me as i will no longer be working in 20 years time.

Cars are designed many years in advance and these manufacturers will be investing more in Hybrid/Electric rather than in traditional engines found today.

So the speed of these changes will now start to take a greater pace.

Many suppliers including ourselves have got involved in Hybrid Vehicle Training before.

We can supply some of the parts for these vehicles, and some of them we do stock.

We found that although these vehicles were on the road we were simply not selling the parts.

Toyota Prius Brake Pads One of many Hybrid Parts Available From MVC.

A lot of this is due to the customer presuming, or being told by their local independent garage that they cannot repair them.

And in turn sending them in the direction of no alternative other than to go to their local Dealership.

This story came true to myself when i visited my local dealer to deal with a rattle coming from the rear of my car.

Because my vehicle was still under warranty i needed to take it back.

Have a read of my True Story.

A True Story                                                                

   Wednesday, 16 August 2017

My car had developed a rattle coming from the n/s rear wheel because it was still under warranty I took it to my nearest main dealer.

While I was waiting in the reception area I sat opposite another customer who had brought in a Toyota Prius with a starting issue.

Waiting to hear about his vehicle currently in their workshop.

He turned around to me and said I brought my vehicle here because I took it to my regular mechanic.

He said because it was a Hybrid he does not touch them because he does not know how to fix them.

So he brought the vehicle here because they know what they are doing.

The next minute the Service Receptionist came out and sat with him explaining what they are doing with his vehicle in the workshop.

They then went on to explain that most customers that come to visit him now opt for a service plan with themselves.

This would cost £600.00 over three years for three services.

Then telling the customer not to worry about having to pay out £600.00 up front.

He can pay this each month at a cost of initially £22.23 for the first month then £22.13 spread each month over the next three years.

The customer was taken straight away that he would only have to pay out £22.13 per month.

Which is only a small amount to regularly pay out and was affordable.

So he agreed with the Service Receptionist to take out the plan.

The Dealer receptionist made a big selling point about it being a Hybrid and that this would include a Hybrid Health Check at £65.00.

And that his technicians where regularly trained and kept up to date to work on these vehicles.

The customer explained that he originally visited his local garage but they could not help because they don’t know how to work on them.

I sat in silence hiding my disappointment that another independent garage could not carry out this customer’s simple diagnosis.

Which turned out to be a low charged battery due to the customer not doing many miles.

While the receptionist was explaining the Service offering.

I was making notes on my phone and working out the calculations. I just looked like I was texting!

£600.00 divided by 36 (Three Years) = £16.66 per month.

£22.13 x 36 Months + 10 pence = £796.78.

So on the original cost of £600.00 quoted by the dealer.

They are making an additional £196.78 through offering credit.

Also tying the customer’s service and repair business up.

For three years!

If you have a policy or agreement and something else fails.

You would probably take it back to the dealer also, Brakes need replacing etc.

Tidy business and this all from the original visit to their friendly local garage they have been visiting for many years. Now no more!!

This was one customer who has now been tied into returning to the main dealership for the next three years.

Don’t Leave It For The Dealer!

If the independent does not re-train and keep up to date.

The dealerships will gain more business until eventually there are very few independents left.

No Competition within the market place will only drive up the prices in the long term.

Because there will be no one to compete on price.

Leading customers to pay more on their vehicle repair bills.

Can You Work On This? 64 Plate Toyota Auris already over Three years old!!

Training With Delphi

We have teamed up with Delphi.

Who have a state of the art Workshop and Training facilities at their UK Head Office in Warwick.

And can provide Hybrid Vehicle Training.

MVC believe in the Independent garage and we want them to survive.

Through Delphi they not only provide Hybrid Vehicle Training.

They also have a range of fully comprehensive training packages available.

Check out the Automotive Training Section

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If you would like further information on Hybrid Vehicle Training & technology Amazon have some great books available.

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