The trickle of new automotive technologies

into the aftermarket is turning into a flood.

A tipping point is approaching.

Independent Garage owners and technicians will no longer be able to resist the demands of these new technologies.

As they become increasingly common on their customers vehicles.

Action is necessary to ensure you can continue your career in vehicle servicing and repairs.

If your business is to have a future.

MVC has developed a guide to help you asses your current skill’s level.

And see if there are any areas where further training may be needed.

To enable you to service and repair your Future , NOW

We have the following;

Delphi Technologies

Pass-Through Technology  The time is right for your business

Delphi Technologies explains all about the benefits in investing in Diagnostics with Pass-Through capability.

PICO Technology

Oscilloscope Diagnostics You can do this………

Many own an Oscilloscope but simply don’t know how to use it.

This is an essential tool for every workshop.


Essential TPMS Sensor Replacement Tools

TPMS Sensors now standard on all New Cars from 1st November 2014.

If fitted they must be operative to pass the MOT Test.

Make sure your workshop has the tools to replace!


All you need to know about AGM & EFB Battery Replacement

Most modern vehicles come fitted with a battery management system (BMS).

Which must be reset through the on-board diagnostics (OBD) port to tell the vehicle when the battery has been replaced.

Check Out all you need to know about modern Vehicle Battery Replacement?


Adaptive Front Lighting Systems

A Quantum leap in vehicle front lighting systems has taken place since 2003.

Are you keeping up?


How complicated can Engine Oil be?

Do you know what ACEA European Engine Oil Sequences are?


A Charity that benefits everyone in the Automotive Sector.


Double Hydraulic Stops Suspension System

KYB & PSA Group have jointly developed a new passive suspension solution. find out more

BM Catalysts

Correctly diagnosing CAT & DPF Faults

The cause of a CAT or DPF failure is often a fault in a related component.


Is your garage working safely with the latest battery types?

Working on modern vehicles requires a modern approach.

Make sure you have the right kit?


Directional Brake pads Observations for fitting correctly.

New Technologies require a new approach when fitting common replacement parts.


Air-Con Systems to Flush or not to Flush?

Fitted on nearly all New production cars, air conditioning offers lucrative servicing and repair work for an Independent Garage.


Technology is advancing its already around the corner for the Independent Workshop.

Learn more and explore more about this Technology its not going away!

Toyota and many others leading the way with Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Technology.

Picture: Toyota Mirai


Leads the Charge in Hybrid Training

Bosch see’s the future requirements for the Independent Workshop and supplies a comprehensive training package to meet their needs.


Hybrid & Electric Tooling

Hybrid & Electric do you have your tools to tackle future repair?


What’s around the corner?

Things are developing at a fast pace but their will always be a future for repair?


Electric Water Pumps

Sales of electric and hybrid vehicles rely on electric water pumps to cool their batteries.

Gates electric water pumps operate in more than 7.6 million vehicles already in circulation.


YES! You can service a Hybrid

WIX Supports all of its suppliers to help them with initiatives so more can service and repair into the future.

We hope you enjoy this brochure and use it as a library of information for your Future, NOW

If you require any Technical information on any of our parts or products why not check out our TECHNICAL page.