Key information in helping to prevent Brake Judder when installing new Brake Discs & Pads.

Brake Judder is one of the few things that is likely to affect all vehicles, from the most basic run-around to the finest performance and luxury cars on road.

From time to time through our Warranty Procedures we do have Brake Discs and Pads returned to ourselves as faulty.

The reason for the return is usually sited as Brake Judder.

One of the main causes is sited as DTV (Disc Thickness Variation).

In the majority of cases this is not down to the Quality of the parts fitted to the vehicle.

And not  a Manufactured Defect of the Discs or Pads which would be covered by the warranty.

Please see the article below explaining in depth the reasons for Brake Judder.

The article also explains how you can help prevent the vehicle from being returned to the workshop with Judder.

Please feel free to download and print a copy to give to your customers if you are a Garage/Workshop.

Have you had new Brake Pads & discs fitted at a workshop?

Remember to give them time to bed in!

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