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We are in an industry where Technology is evolving at a faster pace than ever before! Automotive Training is going to be a vital part of the future.

With Car manufacturers working towards ever Greener Vehicles that are also safer to drive.

And also safer for other people on the road in ways to prevent accidents from occurring in the first place.

With Safety detection systems fitted to vehicles that can sense their surroundings and detect another vehicle coming within a blind spot making the vehicle come to a stop before an accident occurs.

Vehicle Engines are evolving into Hybrid Electric at an ever increasing rate!

With Vehicle manufacturers spending vast amounts of money on Electrification of all its vehicles.

So is their a future you may ask for the Vehicle Technician/Mechanic?


Automotive Training!

Working within the Automotive Aftermarket now more than ever requires any individual to stay up to date.

Or simply be left behind!

It is no longer the case like in the past where their are still plenty of normally aspirated Petrol & Diesel vehicles available to work on.

With Car Manufacturers now moving over at an ever increasing rate to Green Technology!

Not Training now! And starting with not being able to service a Hybrid Vehicle with the right Qualifications and a Safety understanding of the implications of working on an Electric Vehicle.

Will leave you behind!

Their are many Hybrid Vehicles on our roads already the Toyota Prius has been around since 1997.

Copyright of Toyota

Pretty much all Car Manufacturers now offer a Hybrid Vehicle! But it all began with the Prius.

Sales in these vehicles have increased dramatically in the last few years.

And this will continue!

But still the majority of owners have to go back to their main dealer for a basic service.

Due to approaching their local garage they find they are not qualified to carry out the service and in turn pass them on to their local dealer.

And that’s if they have a local dealer increasingly people are having to travel from a town to a city to have their vehicle serviced.

Putting a great deal of inconvenience to having what was an easy to arrange service.

Rugby for example at the time of writing this in 2018. Have a Ford, Peugeot, Vauxhall, and a Suzuki Main Dealer.

What if you own a Kia or a Renault?

Well a trip to Coventry maybe? If you live in Daventry a Ford and Vauxhall Dealer and a trip to Northampton for anything else.

So Training is Worth It! Just look at the Opportunities available for the Independent Workshop.

We then move on to the future? No this is now!

Just look at the latest vehicle from Hyundia the new Kona Electric!

Copyright of Hyundia

Inspiring Video!

By 2020 60% of Hyundia’s Line up will be ECO vehicles.

The Future is now!

Training now will make you a future! To work on these inspiring Vehicles of Today!

We are working with all our suppliers to help you with Tomorrow. Today!

Within this section of our Web Site we aim to grow the content on a regular basis.

Many of our suppliers provide Training!

We have a close relationship with Delphi which provides Automotive Training at its Training Centre in Warwick.

It does not matter where you are in the U.K we can arrange Automotive Training on one of their many Specialist Courses.

Take a look at their latest training Prospectus!

Their is something to offer all levels of experience.

Through to becoming a Master Technician!

We have a dedicated Training Email Address if you need to get in Touch!

The Delphi Training calendar has their current course dates available.

But if their is not the course available on the date you need.

Get in touch with us!

We are constantly adding new dates all the time.

Your Future is Now! Train For It!

To Complement our Training Offering we also have a Technical section which is also constantly being added to covering many popular topics.

Select the drop Down Menu a the Top of the Home page under Technical.

And you will find Battery Fault Diagnosis, Clutch Fault Finder and Brake judder.

These are go to sections whenever you get a vehicle covering any of these faults.

We also sell a complete range of Tools and Diagnostics from the Likes of Laser & Sealey Tools.

We also supply the Delphi DS Flash with Pass-Thru Technology! More about that on future pages!

Remember staying up to date might not be as expensive as you think.