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In this issue we go into detail about the latest specifications,and changes being made to engine oils.

And why this is happening?

If you are a Garage/Workshop this is a must read.

Their is now a new Era for engine Oil!

The market is changing at a rapid rate.

With new Oil’s being introduced by the Vehicle Manufactures’s.

With much tougher emissions rules.

The booklet below contains all the information you need.

You always must put the correct oil into your vehicle. If you click on our Comma Banner on the Home Page .

It will take you to the Comma Oil Product Guide.

By entering your registration this will select the correct Lubricants for your vehicle.

We will soon be increasing our own brand range of AD Oil.

Which offers a more cost effective solution versus the Comma Brand.

The increase in the range will include the latest specifications.

So you will have the best of both worlds Comma’s Premium Brand and our own AD Solution.